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Glacier Peak Management Services, Inc. prides itself in possessing a very unique management style.  This style effectively positions each property “head and shoulders” above the competition.

Glacier Peak Management Services, Inc.’s unique management style incorporates the following principles and guidelines:

Tenant Relations

Developing strong relationships with each tenant is of supreme importance.  This encourages tenant retention.  While most companies are aware of the value of good tenant relations, few spend the effort and time to establish them.  The property will be physically inspected and each tenant will be visited a minimum of one time a month.

Staff Requirements

Glacier Peak Management Services, Inc.’s managers, support staff personnel, subcontractors and vendors are required to participate in the Glacier Peak Management Services, Inc. Quality Assurance Guarantee Program.   The program establishes guidelines for servicing properties, tenants, vendors and clients.  Each team member focuses on continually improving the quality of service providing immediate follow-up and turn around on all service/maintenance calls.

Commitment To Service

Glacier Peak Management Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing a level of superior service.  This includes regular communication with clients and tenants and proactive management with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.  Anticipating and avoiding potential problems through preventative maintenance programs is a key aspect of the management plan.



The goals established in the management plan will provide benchmarks by which both the management’s performance and the property’s performance can be measured.  Performance will be evaluated monthly by an established “peer group” of Glacier Peak Management Services, Inc. (GPMS, Inc.) to ensure that the implementation of the plan is achieving the desired objectives.


Tenant Visits

Given the highly competitive market conditions and the escalating costs associated with releasing space, tenant service is one of the most important services rendered by the real estate manager.  As soon as tenants begin to occupy the property, GPMS, Inc. implements a quality service program which includes regular tenant visits and immediate response to all tenant calls. The objective is complete tenant satisfaction and tenant retention.

Tenant Relations

An integral ingredient of GPMS, Inc.’s success focuses on strong tenant rapport. A tenant relation program incorporates holiday gifts and/or cards and special event celebrations if the owner is willing to expense these items. Expressing appreciation for tenancy is key to tenant retention.



Vendor Procedures

Vendors – GPMS, Inc. takes great pride in selecting vendors that provide service superior to the competition.  GPMS, Inc. works very closely with each vendor to insure pro-active preventative maintenance.

Bidding Services – Depending on the services rendered, bids are obtained for new contract services.  Recommendations are submitted to owner with pricing if the contract exceeds the guidelines established in the annual budget.

Insurance – All independent contractors are required to maintain $1,000,000 liability, Workers’ Compensation insurance and auto.