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California Assembly Bill 1103

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As a commercial property manager, one way we can assist our clients in making sure their properties are running efficiently is to make them aware of new laws and codes.

Many of the commercial properties we manage are quite old. And unless they’ve been remodeled, the lights and air conditioning systems are not state of the art, energy efficient.

One new law which effects all commercial building owners and their managers is Assembly bill 1103.

The bill requires building owners to provide EPA reports using Energy Star’s website. Why? Because commercial buildings apparently account for 35% of the electricity in California and significant contributors to the green house emissions. And 75% of energy consumption in general comes from electricity. Tracking energy consumption is done over a 12 month period using electric bills. For those buildings where the tenant pays SDGE or Edison directly, those bills are obtained from the tenants. Each building then gets ‘rated.’ And the ‘benchmark’ report is then supplied to a lender or potential purchaser.

Buildings over 50,000 sq.ft must begin complying Sept 1, 2013.
Buildings over 10,000 sq.ft. must begin complying as of TBD
Buildings over 5,000 sq.ft. must begin complying as of TBD.

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