Unique Management Style

Glacier Peak Management Services, Inc. prides itself in possessing a very unique style.  This style effectively positions each property “head and shoulders” above the competition.

Glacier Peak Management Services, Inc.’s unique style incorporates the following principles and guidelines:

Tenant Relations

Developing strong relationships with the tenant is of supreme importance.  This encourages tenant retention.  While most companies are aware of the value of good tenant relations, few spend the effort and time to establish them.

Staff Requirements

Glacier Peak Management Services, Inc.’s personnel participate in the Glacier Peak Management Services, Inc. Quality Assurance Guarantee Program.  The program establishes guidelines for servicing clients. This includes immediate follow-up, attention to detail, follow-thru and hands-on a pro-active approach.

Commitment To Service

Glacier Peak Management Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing a level of superior service.  This includes regular communication with clients  with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.  Anticipating and avoiding potential problems through brainstorming, creating a think-tank of alternative solutions is a key aspect of the management plan.


The goals established in the management plan will provide benchmarks by which both the management’s performance and the property’s performance can be measured.