Not only does she truly understand the ins and outs of the retail space, Diane Houghton also has a remarkable ability to develop a working relationship with the tenants that facilitates an open and honest dialogue. In doing so, she is able to enhance the Landlord-Tenant partnership in ways not quantifiable. I strongly believe that Diane Houghton is able to accomplish this because the tenants realize within minutes of talking with her that she truly cares about their business and success. Added to this her in-depth knowledge of the commercial retail space, her probing questions and desire to achieve a win-win outcome, her abilities are unmatched.

Gregg Sindici
Managing Partner, Burlingame Coastal, LLC

Diane has a rare and remarkable ability to form instantaneous rapport and long-lasting relationships with national as well as mom-and-pop tenants alike. This is because she truly cares about each tenant and their success. This in turn enables her to obtain critical information that each Landlord needs. She handles all aspects of asset management, tenant relations, and lease negotiations for my portfolio which spans the breadth of Southern California. I have come to rely on her proactive eye to alert me to possible problems and her advice in dealing with them.

Amos Travis
General Managing Partner, Travis Family Investments, LLC.

Having never built investment property we relied heavily on Diane to help us through the many details and nuances of owning and managing a 60,000 s.f. building. When assistance or a professional opinion is needed Diane is always there for us with insightful information. Diane has worked closely with our national tenant, Coleman/Covan Moving & Storage and subcontractors when issues arise and always with a successful outcome. Of particular note is Diane’s guidance and expertise with our tenant when Covid 19 hit in March of 2020. When our tenant stopped paying rent and sent a letter stating they would not continue to pay rent, she stepped in. She developed an instant rapport with the tenant’s attorney out of Georgia. Again, the outcome was favorable. Without her assistance and negotiation skills I doubt we would have had the successful outcome we did.

Ken Kerper
Modular Building Concepts

I cannot tell you how much your teams’ professionalism and kindness have meant to me – during the good times and especially the ever so challenging times with Covid-19. Diane, you are a truly amazing person, competent businesswoman and efficient representative of your client (the landlord). You’ve been fair, organized in thought and action, and compassionate in a time of insanity. I have lived in San Diego for 22 years and have owned a small business for 14. I could count on 3 fingers the people who have treated me with respect and compassion AND WHO HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN ON MY SIDE AND TRIED TO HELP.

For all of this and for your encouraging words and plan of action I will be forever grateful.

Lisa M. (Tenant)
Fido & Company